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Nursing home abuse happens far too often in the United States

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse

The later years of life are some of the most fragile. As loved ones age, special care is often required and it can become difficult for family members to give elderly loved ones the around-the-clock care they need and deserve. For this reason, family members often choose to place elderly loved ones in nursing facilities. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse has become a big problem in Kentucky and across the country. According to recent statistics, almost five million elders are abused each year.

A family in another state has filed a lawsuit against a nursing facility after an elderly loved one was allegedly abused. The man was placed in the nursing home after suffering a stroke. According to the lawsuit, workers at the facility recorded a video showing staffers surrounding the man and coercing him to take off his pants.

The lawsuit claims that the man endured verbal and emotional abuse while suffering violations of his privacy while at the nursing home. The family says they moved the man to another facility as soon as they witnessed the video. The same nursing home made headlines three years ago following the death of a patient that was ruled a homicide after an autopsy revealed toxic levels of pain relieving drugs.

Tragically, abuse in nursing facilities occurs far too often, but only about 20 percent of abuse cases are reported. Kentucky families who have experienced nursing home abuse could benefit by seeking a legal representative. Damages from a successfully litigated lawsuit could provide families with financial support for accrued medical expenses and other monetary losses.

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