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Why I should hire my lawyer now with courts closed?

by | May 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

The current pandemic has shifted everything in our daily lives, from grocery shopping to visiting friends and family. It’s not surprising that we see those changes affect the court process, as many courts are closed due to COVID-19.

It makes many defendants wonder if they should hire an attorney now or wait until the pandemic procedures are lifted. Luckily, the answer is simple for most people.

Adaptability in the face of a changing climate

Most clients need to hire an attorney as soon as possible, even if their trial was delayed. The reason why is a closed court doesn’t cease operations entirely. Attorneys can still make progress even during the current climate – even if you don’t have an upcoming hearing.

Your lawyer can work on their initial pleadings and negotiate certain aspects of your case, depending on the charges and the current status of your case. Also, many attorneys rely on time outside the courts to analyze evidence, build argumentation and communicate with the prosecution.

The time outside of court is just as significant to your case’s success as the work done in the courtroom. So the sooner you hire the right attorney, the faster your attorney can begin building your case and mostly analyzing what they can do for your defense.

Also, there is a personal benefit to hiring an attorney early on. The lawyer acts as another form of support during your court process and reduces anxiety surrounding the charges and any potential sentencing. You want to find a lawyer quickly, so you don’t end up going through the court procedure alone.

When everything else is currently adapting to the newest change, it helps to make a significant decision and start a stable process of resolving your case.

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