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How lockdown leads to more rusty drivers on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Car Accidents

As Stay-At-Home orders lift across the country, many experts fear dangers will continue into the streets, especially as rusty drivers return to the road. What should drivers and passengers pay attention to as they start emerging from their homes?

According to the AA Foundation for Traffic Safety, many drivers admit their expectations start to slip after an extended period without driving. Most Americans will practice dangerous habits behind the wheel including texting, reading emails, talking on a cellphone and watching videos

Along with those habits, most motorists also miss red lights, stop signs and common hazards since they are out of practice, so how do you combat rusty techniques?

How to stay sharp on the streets

There are a few ways to help you gain back confidence behind the wheel while you adjust to like after lockdown:

  • Cut down on distractions – Do not let eating, texting or talking take your attention away from the roads.
  • Keep your trips short and easy – Until you feel comfortable, drive only when it’s essential and when it’s nearby.
  • Stay home at night – Driving at night is always riskier than driving during the day. It’s better to stay home at night until you feel comfortable navigating the highways. If you have to go out, stick to roads you know well.
  • Grab an extra pair of eyes – If you want some accountability, ask a friend or a family member to watch out for hazards or signs while you drive.

The most critical tip is to stay in practice. Most drivers know good habits, but they need to know how to practice them daily.

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