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How to face the Kentucky roads this winter

Driving in the winter is always a challenge, but it might be especially challenging this year if the pandemic affects snow plowing and city road maintenance throughout winter. There is a possibility the snowy streets are worst because fewer people driving means fewer vehicles to melt the ice and snow on the highways.

However, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to face the snowy streets in a safe, effective manner. You just have to break it down by what to do beforehand and what to do while driving.

Before you get into the car

There are a few things drivers can do beforehand to ensure their vehicle is in the best condition for the winter roads. For example, commuters should receive routine maintenance on their car all year round. It helps keep your car in the best shape for the worst driving conditions.

Some other ways to prep your vehicle before hitting the gas includes:

  • Putting on snow tires
  • Checking your car’s fluids, heat and air pressure
  • Assembling an emergency kit with extra blankets, salt, gloves, ice scraper and spark plugs
  • Monitoring your headlights and taillights
  • Planning your driving route beforehand

Preparation is an excellent way to prevent accidents and avoid any mechanical issues on the roadways.

What to do while driving

While preparation is important, you still need to practice defensive driving while operating a vehicle. You need to be extra diligently about speeding and leaving space between vehicles to avoid a chain collision between you and other vehicles.

Drivers may also make themselves visible by using headlights when appropriate, such as in snowy weather or the evening hours. Another easy tip is to practice driving in a parking lot with ice or snow to determine how to slow or stop in a safe environment.

The most important thing drivers can do in the winter is to pay attention to the road. Do not let any distractions draw your attention elsewhere. Make sure you silence your phone, distract your kids or avoid eating while driving in winter conditions. It will protect everyone, including yourself.

These aren’t guarantees, but it will significantly decrease your risk for a major incident or crash during this winter. But keep your eyes open for other drivers when you drive during this holiday season.

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