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10 Most Dangerous Days for Drivers in Louisville

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows there are some days when motorists on the road in Louisville face a bigger risk of becoming involved in a car accident. The increased risk can usually be explained by a change in normal driving conditions. This change may come from more motorists on the road, an increased risk of people being drunk behind the wheel, or a change in time that alters drivers’ patterns and affects visibility.

Motorists need to be aware of the most dangerous days so they can be sure they are taking steps to drive safely, avoid contributing to the added risk on the roads, and protect themselves and their loved ones if people around them are behaving dangerously. Since one of the most dangerous days falls during the month of May, now is a good time for motorists to review the high-risk driving times and create a plan to try to avoid collisions.

What Days Are More Dangerous for Drivers?

According to Yahoo News, the 10 most dangerous days on the road due to increased risk of accidents include:

  • Memorial Day. Each year, there are around 400 motor vehicle accident fatalities during the Memorial Day weekend period. There is around a 13.1 percent increase in motor vehicle fatalities on Memorial Day compared with average non-holiday weekends.

  • Daylight savings time. There is a 17 percent increase in traffic fatalities on the Monday after the clocks change.

  • Black Friday. There is around a 36 percent increase in accidents in parking lots on this major shopping day. One car insurer indicates that overall crash claims double on Black Friday.

  • Football game days. Around stadiums, the increase in accident risk on game days is anywhere from 8.2 percent more crashes to 79.7 percent more collisions.

  • Friday the 13th. Although it is not clear exactly why, there is around a 13 percent increase in accidents on Friday the 13th in every season according to past research.

  • New Years Day. The 1st of January is actually more dangerous than December 31. This day has more deaths in car accidents caused by impaired drivers than any other day of the year.

  • Independence Day. July 4 was the deadliest day for motor vehicle crashes between 2000 and 2012.

  • Thanksgiving. The increase in crash risks on Thanksgiving comes from both more impaired drivers and from the fact that around 50 million Americans take road trips 50 miles away from home or more. More drivers means more crash potential.

  • Christmas. There are around 20 percent more car accidents over the month of December than during other months. In the six days around the Christmas Holiday, there are actually 27 percent more accidents than on New Year’s Eve.

  • St. Patrick’s Day. Alcohol is a big problem, with two of every five crashes on St. Patrick’s Day involving a drunk driver. Over St. Patrick’s Day between 2009 and 2013, there were 276 fatalities.

Motorists should be extra careful on these dangerous days to drive assertively and pay careful attention to what others around them are doing.

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