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Third-Party Workplace Injury
Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky

Several different companies are often working on the same construction site. A subcontractor or another company may cause an accident. When they do, that’s called a third-party workplace injury.

While construction sites are the most common place where people deal with third-party workplace injuries, it’s something anyone could face at any workplace. If a person caused an injury at your workplace and that person does not work for your employer, you may be dealing with a third-party workplace injury.

What Is a Third-Party Work Injury?

Third-party work injuries can be extremely complicated to deal with from a legal standpoint. Since the company that caused the accident is not the worker’s employer or even the company overseeing the construction project, there can often be a lot of paperwork and legal red tape that prevents injured construction workers from getting the compensation they need for their injuries. Dealing with insurance companies can be especially complicated given all the different parties involved in such cases.

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