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Car accidents: Crash caused by drunk driver kills a young girl

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things a person can do and, unfortunately, continues to be a problem in Kentucky and across the country. When drivers get behind the wheel while intoxicated, they not only put their own lives in jeopardy, they endanger the lives of all those around them. Every day in the United States, nearly 30 people die in car accidents caused by drunk drivers. Recently in Lexington, a crashed caused by an alleged drunk driver claimed the life of a young girl.

The crash happened during the overnight hours on Tates Creek Road. According to police, the driver of a sedan was traveling at a high rate of speed, ran a red light and slammed into another car that was turning left onto Lansdowne Drive. Reports said the violent collision left all six occupants of the car trapped inside the vehicle.

A frontal lobe injury can rob your loved one of a future

A devastating accident that left your loved one with a traumatic brain injury was probably the last thing you expected to happen. As you sat in the hospital waiting to hear about your loved one's condition, you may have reflected over how your day began, the routine events you took for granted and the little inconveniences you complained about.

All that changed in an instant. When doctors explained that your loved one suffered damage to the brain's frontal lobe, you may have had difficulty grasping the implications of such an injury. Understanding what the frontal lobe of the brain does may help you come to terms with the changes your family may be facing because of your loved one's injury.

Medical malpractice: Missed steps can be deadly for patients

Successful medical treatment is a step-by-step process. Those in Kentucky and across the country who seek treatment rely on the knowledge and expertise of doctors, surgeons and other providers. However, if a health care provider makes a mistake in any part of the treatment process, the patient can suffer serious injuries and even death. Something as minor as misreading test results can have disastrous effects. This is what allegedly happened to a man in another state, and a medical malpractice lawsuit was filed.

Apparently, the man underwent a stress echocardiogram test to assess his cardiac health. According to the lawsuit, the man's cardiologist looked at the test results and reported back to the man's primary care physician that his test results were normal. About two years later, however, the man started experiencing troubling cardiac symptoms such as shortness of breath, the lawsuit said.

Six Kentucky nursing homes named among the nation’s worst

Ask Google, “How does it feel to place your parent in a nursing home?” and you’ll find the words “guilt” and “difficult” all over the screen. If you’ve ever placed a loved one in a nursing home, you likely share this sense of frustration. People often send their aging parents to nursing homes as a last resort, so it’s worrying to hear stories about elder abuse and neglect.

Two U.S. senators recently called attention to poor elder care by releasing a list of nearly 400 nursing homes that shared a “persistent record of poor care.” Six of these facilities are in Kentucky. It’s an eye-opening report, and it may prompt you to move your loved one or pay close attention for the signs of elder abuse.

Car accidents involving motorcycles can cause severe injuries

From about mid-June, Kentucky weather prompts motorcycle enthusiasts to take to the open roads after the long winter. Motorcycles offer none of the protective features that automobiles have, and when cars and bikes crash, the bikers are typically the ones who suffer the most severe injuries. Understandably, more coordination and skills are required for the safe operation of motorcycles than those necessary for driving vehicles. Even with  helmets, eye protection and protective clothing, boots and gloves, bikers are often left with severe injuries or worse.

Bone fractures often result because motorcycles have only two wheels and even minor accidents can cause them to fall over and trap a rider's legs. The Center for Neuro Skills says, although broken legs are common consequences of motorcycle accidents, the natural reaction to stop the fall can cause fractured arms and wrists. Pelvic and shoulder fractures are also common in these accidents.

Families affected by nursing home abuse have options

As loved ones enter their golden years, they can lose mobility and independence. Luckily, the state of Kentucky has many long-term care facilities that specialize in providing living assistance for those who are not able to live alone. Many of these nursing homes also offer activities for their residents, which often instills a sense of belonging. Although the vast majority of nursing homes are wonderful facilities that offer exceptional care for loved ones, there are unfortunate instances where residents are subjected nursing home abuse. Neglect of any kind can permanently injure, and even kill, loved ones.

A lawsuit recently filed by a woman in another state alleged that negligent care in a nursing facility caused her mother to suffer serious injuries. According to the lawsuit, the mother was a resident at the defendant's facility. The lawsuit said the mother required supervision and was dependant on nursing home staff to care for her.

Truck accidents: Illegal U-turn causes an accident

Tractor-trailers are a convenient way to transport goods and merchandise throughout the country. These commercial vehicles utilize the many interstates and major highways that cross the state of Kentucky. In order to operate one of these massive trucks, drivers must undergo hours of training and obtain special licenses. However, no amount of training or licensing can totally prevent mistakes from happening. Truck accidents injure thousands of people every year across the country.

Recently in Mayfield, the driver of a tractor-trailer made an illegal turn and caused a crash that injured a motorist. The accident happened at the intersection of U.S. Highway 45 and Interstate 69. According to reports, the driver of the tractor-trailer was attempting to return to Interstate 69 and made a U-turn at a spot where U-turns are not allowed. Reportedly, the sharp turn caused the truck to cut its air lines and block the road.

Car accidents: Violent head-on crash turns fatal

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle these days can definitely be an adventure. Even a short drive can expose motorists to countless dangers. Although new regulations and safety campaigns have brought awareness to the dangers of Kentucky roadways, car accidents are inevitable. Its not a question of if accidents will happen, but when. Tragically, traffic accidents claim the lives of thousands of people every year across the nation.

Recently, a man lost his life in a violent crash with a pickup truck that belonged to the local fire department. The accident happened on Spurrier Road in Grayson County. According to reports, the driver of a East Grayson County Fire pickup truck was returning to the fire station and crossed the center line of the highway.

Keep car accidents out of your Kentucky Derby plans

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most famous sporting events in America with over 150,000 people attending in 2018. People from across the world travel to Louisville with the intentions of watching strong competitors race.

However, the sharp influx in tourists causes more traffic and car accidents on the Kentucky roads. It makes it crucial for travelers to understand how to avoid incidents and how to react in the case of a car crash.

Car accidents are completely unpredictable

It goes without saying that no person wants to be involved in a traffic accident. Unfortunately, it seems serious and fatal car accidents are on the rise in the state of Kentucky. Car accidents not only affect those who are involved in the crash, the shock and aftermath of a fatal or serious crash can affect families, friends and entire communities. Most accidents are completely unpredictable and can happen any place at any time.

A tragic accident in Jessamine sent four people to the hospital and left a driver dead. The crash happened on Ky. 169 during the nighttime hours. According to reports, an SUV ran off the road onto the shoulder. Apparently, the driver of the SUV overcorrected, causing the vehicle to travel into oncoming traffic.

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