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Stair Fall Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky

Unsafe Stairs Can Lead to Serious Injury

Stair falls cause a shocking number of serious injuries in the US on an annual basis. While some stair fall injuries may not be preventable, many stem from a negligent property owner failing to ensure that a staircase is safe for visitors or customers to use.

When accidents result from careless failure to maintain the property in a safe condition, victims may be entitled to money damages to help them afford steep medical bills, make up for time spent off work, and compensate them for their pain and suffering.

If you’ve been hurt in a stair fall accident, find out if you may have a claim for damages by contacting the compassionate and dedicated premises liability attorneys at the Slechter Law Firm in Louisville.

Stair Falls Can Cause Serious Injuries

The National Safety Council reports that falls are the third-leading cause of unintentional death in the US and that one of the most common sources of falls is stairways. The safety organization reports that in a single year, over 2,100 individuals were fatally injured, and almost 1,250,000 required emergency room treatment after a stair fall.
Injuries from stair falls can include:

  • Concussions or other forms of traumatic brain injury (TBI)

  • Bruises to the skin and bones

  • Cracked ribs

  • Broken wrists, arms, ankles, and hips

  • Sprains and strains

  • Skull fractures

  • Abrasions and lacerations

Property Owners Must Keep Their Stairs Safe

All property owners bear some level of responsibility for injuries caused as a result of their property’s condition; under certain circumstances, a property owner will even become liable to a trespasser.

Once that owner invites someone onto their property, that responsibility increases. Owners of a home or business who invite others onto their property must take reasonable care in maintaining staircases so that they are safe and free from hazards.

Failure to do so could make them responsible for injuries resulting from others visiting their property.

Since stairs can cause serious accidents and injuries even when they’re well-maintained, stairs that have been negligently built or maintained carry even higher risks.

Children and the elderly are especially prone to incurring serious injuries from stair accidents, making it critical that stairs are maintained in good condition to help these vulnerable groups avoid as many accidents as possible.

Property owners that fail to correct these common causes of a fall could bear financial responsibility for accidents:

  • Broken or loose hand railings

  • Slippery step surfaces

  • Loose or broken steps

  • Uneven stair risers

  • Steps that are not level

  • Poor lighting

  • Tripping hazards on stairs

How Do I Prevent a Stair Accident?

There are a number of simple steps that property owners can and should take to prevent stair accidents. Failure to make reasonable efforts to ensure that a stairway is safe could result in financial liability for the property owner. These safety measures include:

  • Use non-skid tape or another non-slip coating on steps

  • Ensure that both sides of the staircase have securely-anchored railings

  • Keep any slippery throw rugs away from stairways, or ensure that they have a non-skid coating

  • Make sure stairways are well-lit

  • Keep stairs free from any debris or items that could cause someone to trip

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