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Elevator Accident Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky

Injured in An Elevator?

No one relishes the thought of being trapped in an elevator. We’re all familiar with the jolt of fear that comes when an elevator in which we’re riding shudders, stops prematurely or seems to descend too quickly. While only a small number of people are killed each year as the result of elevator accidents, the number of those who are injured by malfunctioning elevators numbers in the thousands. If you’ve been hurt in an elevator accident in Kentucky, speak with an experienced Louisville personal injury attorney as soon as possible to determine if you may be entitled to money damages, and contact the Slechter Law Firm for a free consultation.

Mandatory Elevator Maintenance Is Often Overlooked

Elevators are complex machines. Elevators are required to shuttle heavy loads between floors dozens, even hundreds, of times a day. In older buildings, the materials used in the elevator may be worn, or the elevator may have been built using now-outdated technology.

Due to the risks of very serious injury to elevator passengers, property owners must regularly have their elevators inspected and certified as safe by government agents. When safety certificates are allowed to lapse, mechanical issues that could have been eradicated can result in elevator failure.

Numerous Parties May Be Responsible for Your Elevator Accident

Property owners who invite others to come onto that property, either simply as a member of the public or as a customer, have a legal responsibility to make sure that their property is safe.

This includes making sure that equipment such as elevators or escalators functions normally and safely. If you are hurt on someone else’s property, the owner may owe you money damages if their failure to maintain their property and keep it safe caused your injuries.

When elevators cause accidents, property owners may not be the only parties who bear liability. Elevator maintenance or repair companies may also be partially to blame. Additionally, elevator manufacturers or designers could have failed to adequately carry out their duty to create and sell a functional product.

We Help You Take Action Quickly After an Elevator Accident

If you’ve been hurt in an elevator accident, it’s important that you act fast to file a claim for damages for your injuries. The longer you wait to act, the greater the opportunity for evidence to be damaged or forgotten. Our skilled personal injury attorneys will investigate your elevator accident thoroughly and include claims against all those parties who acted negligently and contributed to your injuries.

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