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Pharmaceutical Injury Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky

Injured by A Medication?

Mistakes are a part of everyday life, but when they happen in the medical field, the consequences can be deadly. Pharmaceutical errors are among the leading causes of medical malpractice cases across the country, and prescription drugs have recently overtaken car accidents as the leading cause of accidental fatalities.

Prescription medication is only beneficial when it is administered correctly. The potent chemicals that make the drugs effective can prove to be tremendously harmful when mistakes are made.

What Is a Pharmaceutical Error?

In order for pharmaceuticals to work effectively, the prescribing doctor must specify the right drug and the appropriate dosage.

A pharmacist must then interpret the prescription, and fill it accurately. In some instances, a nurse must administer the medication correctly to the patient.

A mistake on the part of any of these individuals can prove disastrous. The following are representative examples of pharmaceutical errors that may warrant a civil lawsuit:

  • Drug side effects

  • Incorrect labeling

  • Incorrect dosage

  • Incorrect prescription

  • Drug interactions and complications

You need to take action today and fight for the financial compensation you need. Our attorneys will work with you every step of the way to protect your rights.

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