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Cleanliness & Hygiene in Kentucky Nursing Homes

Cleanliness in A Nursing Home Matters

It is important to recognize the lack of cleanliness and hygiene in a nursing home as a form of abuse and neglect. In fact, it is one of the most common forms of abuse and neglect that occur in Louisville nursing homes.

Recognizing lack of cleanliness and hygiene as abuse and neglect is the first step toward preventing it from occurring, stopping it if it does occur, and holding nursing homes accountable to the residents who have been harmed.

The attorneys at the Slechter Law Firm help nursing home residents and their families in Louisville and beyond in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee recover compensation for neglect and abuse caused by an unreasonable lack of cleanliness and hygiene in their nursing home or assisted living facility.

Is Lack of Cleanliness and Hygiene Considered Nursing Home Abuse?

If a resident is forced to live in an unclean facility, or if the resident’s own personal hygiene is not properly attended to, serious and even life-threatening illnesses can occur.

If deadly bacteria and germs are allowed to get a hold of people with already weakened immune systems, serious infections can develop that are difficult to treat and sometimes impossible to cure. The presence of mold and other microbes can cause respiratory ailments that again can prove resistant to treatment and even lead to death.

Many nursing home residents need help with personal hygiene, and individual needs can range from assistance in toileting to bathing and brushing teeth. Bedsores, weight loss, and a host of medical issues can arise if personal hygiene needs are neglected, not to mention a decline in quality of life in violation of Kentucky nursing home residents’ rights.

Signs of Unclean and Unhygienic Conditions in Nursing Homes

When visiting your loved one in a Kentucky nursing home, pay attention not only to their personal appearance and the condition of their room but also to bathrooms and showers as well. You should not notice any bad smells or see dirty towels, clothes, linens, bedding, and bedsheets.

If your family member is suffering from rashes, bedsores, infections, or weight loss, these may be signs that the resident and his or her environment are not being properly taken care of.

Remember that nursing homes are communal areas and that eating, watching TV, and many other activities are conducted in group settings.

The kitchen and dining areas, other common areas, and floors should be kept clean and sanitary. Medical and biological waste should be properly disposed of. Be sure to visit all public or common areas to see if they are being kept up properly.

What Can I Do to Ensure a Healthy Environment for My Parent?

If you notice signs of uncleanliness, they should be brought to the attention of staff or administration. If you feel there are problems that are not being corrected and your family member is being harmed by these conditions, talk to an experienced nursing home negligence lawyer who will know the proper steps to take to ensure that problems in the nursing home are immediately remedied.

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