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$40,000,000.00 Judgment for Defective Product.


A federal judge in Georgia entered a $40,000,000.00 judgment, including $20,000,000.00 in punitive damages, against a Chinese corporation after the company’s defective product caused our client to suffer catastrophic and life-altering injuries.

$2,000,000.00 Settlement in Defective Truck Tire Case.


Our client’s husband was killed when he lost control of his tractor-trailer and veered off the highway. We determined the incident was caused by a defective steer tire on the victim’s truck.

$1,000,000.00 Settlement from Heavy Truck Crash.


A truck driver was pulling onto the interstate from a rest area, and struggling to put his boot on when he lost control of his tractor-trailer and demolished our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered severe injuries. The settlement exhausted the limits of the trucking company’s insurance policy.

For Client Injured in Back-to-Back Collisions.


54-year-old client was a passenger in a car that crossed the center line and struck another vehicle head-on. As bystanders began to attend to the client and other crash victims, a third automobile plowed head-on into the client’s disabled stationary vehicle. The client was ejected from his car and thrown fifty feet, suffering a collapsed lung, lacerated liver, and multiple fractures of his face, ribs, and legs.

For estate of elderly motorcyclist killed in collision.


Seventy year-old client was a semi-retired businessman who enjoyed traveling the country on his Harley Davidson. He was killed instantaneously when a young woman crossed the center line in her automobile and struck him head-on. The settlement far exceeded the value of the client’s projected future earnings.

For Client Injured in Fall from Bucket Truck.


50-year-old client was an experienced utility worker with a six-figure income. He suffered injuries to his back and neck when the ladder leading to his bucket truck collapsed, dropping him to the pavement. Investigation by the Slechter Law Firm revealed the ladder had been broken previously and negligently repaired by the company charged with maintaining the client’s work truck.

Confidential settlement for estate of elderly nursing home resident.

Elderly client was flipped out of bed and onto the floor by the nurse’s assistant attempting to change her bed linens. She suffered a fractured femur and had to have knee replacement surgery. She subsequently developed an infection over the incision site and had to undergo an above-knee amputation in which doctors sawed through the recently inserted prosthetic knee.

For client who suffered concussion and neck strain in rear-end collision with tractor-trailer.


Fifty-four-year-old maintenance worker was sitting at a stoplight when his pickup truck was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. The client suffered a momentary loss of consciousness at the scene and afterward complained of headaches, neck pain, light sensitivity, and depression. He incurred medical expenses of $17,616.93.

Confidential settlement for estate of disabled teenager neglected in hospital.

Seventeen-year-old client suffered from spina bifida but loved life laughed often and was a blessing to all who knew him. After surgery, hospital personnel allowed him to develop a pressure ulcer on the back of his head and then failed to properly restrain his arms, allowing him to dislodge his nasogastric feeding tube. He aspirated the tube feed and developed pneumonia that ultimately claimed his life.

Confidential settlement for 98 year-old man overdosed on narcotic pain medication.

Client fractured his hip in a fall and was admitted to the nursing home with orders for Oxyfast, a narcotic painkiller. Investigation revealed that an untrained nurse’s assistant, one of fourteen administering narcotic medications at the nursing home, gave the client two doses of medication that were twenty times the amount prescribed by the physician. The client never awoke from the massive overdose. The lawsuit filed by the Slechter Law Firm, PLLC resulted in wholesale personnel changes of nursing home staff and administration.

Confidential settlement for forty-five year-old hospital patient who suffered infected stage IV pressure ulcer and died.

Client entered the hospital for short-term rehabilitation and weaning from a ventilator. Hospital staff failed to implement appropriate pressure ulcer preventions, and the client developed a wound so severe it necessitated debridement surgery. Experts retained by the Slechter Law Firm, PLLC argued that this injury and the trauma of surgery and anesthesia caused the multi-system failure that ultimately claimed the client’s life.