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Truck Rollover Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky

Rollovers are the most dangerous type of semi-truck accident. Not only is the truck driver at serious risk of catastrophic injury or death, but collisions involving multiple vehicles are also likely in the event of a tractor-trailer rollover on a busy highway or interstate.

The dedicated Louisville truck accident attorneys at the Slechter Law Firm apply their knowledge and experience to unravel the causes and chain of events leading to serious personal injury or wrongful death in a rollover truck accident in Kentucky, Indiana or Tennessee. Our lawyers have the skills, resources, and commitment needed to stand up to the trucking companies and pursue your claim through the often complex litigation involved.

Truck Driver Error Is the Most Common Cause of Semi-Truck Rollovers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in its Large Truck Crash Causation Study, identified several major causes for tractor-trailer rollover accidents, and almost all of them had driver error at their root.

Nearly half of the rollover accidents studied were caused by the failure of the truck driver to adjust speed according to current traffic and road conditions, including curves in the road or at on-ramps and off-ramps, road surface, conditions at an intersection, and the condition of the truck’s brakes.

The second major cause of truck rollovers was the driver’s lack of attention, distracted driving, or even being asleep at the wheel. This cause goes hand in hand with the third factor, which was found to be oversteering, or understeering followed by overcorrecting. In the case of a fatigued or dozing driver, the trucker may drift into another lane, toward oncoming traffic, or onto the shoulder, where a loose gravel surface creates a prime condition for a rollover.

The trucker’s overreaction and rapid overcorrection can cause a tank semitrailer or other semitrailer to separate from the cab and rollover, causing massive destruction to other cars in its path or wake.

The fourth major contributing factor to rollover accidents is the loading of the truck, including its weight, height, security, and whether the load is balanced initially or later becomes unbalanced but is not regularly checked or inspected. Negligently-loaded trucks create a serious risk for motorists, including rollovers and jackknifing of the truck, as well as trucks’ spilling their loads on the road surface.

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