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Safe Summer Driving Tips for Louisville Motorists

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2015 | Motor Vehicle Accidents


In Louisville, summer cannot come fast enough for most people.

Although summer is a great time when kids are off school, the weather is nice and vacations are on the horizon, there is ample cause for concern on the roadways during the summer months. An accident lawyer knows that the risk of auto accidents goes up significantly during the summer.

The Mirror provides information on 10 possible reasons why the crash rate is so high as the weather heats up.

Top 10 Reasons Why Summer is Dangerous for Motorists

Drivers need to be aware of the top causes of collisions and should do everything they can to avoid becoming a part of the problem. To help you stay safe, consider these top risk factors that could lead to summer accidents:

  • More bicyclists. Warm weather leads to people riding their bikes. Drivers should watch out for bikers, and should avoid encroaching on bicycle lanes where riders are free to travel.
  • More motorcyclists. Warm weather also leads to more people out on a motorcycle. Motorcyclists are much more likely than drivers to be hurt or killed in an accident. However, a motorcyclist could strike the side of a car and cause a change in speed of as much as 40 MPH. If this happens, there is an 85 percent chance that someone in the passenger vehicle will be killed.
  • More dry spells, followed by a destructive rain. Periods of steady rain are safer than an occasional rain after a prolonged dry spell. If too long passes between rain storms, drivers forget how to drive most effectively in the rain.
  • More teen drivers on the roads during more periods of time. Without school to keep them busy, inexperienced teens spend more time driving around. This has consequences for road safety, since as many as one in five newly licensed teens will become involved in a collision during the first six months of having a license.
  • More children playing outside. There is a risk kids will be killed in pedestrian accidents as they spend more time playing outdoors in the summer. Around 85 percent of fatal pedestrian collisions involve drivers going between 30 and 40 MPH.
  • More tractors on the roads. Farmers often move tractors around during the summer as they do necessary work. This means large farm equipment like tractors on the roads.
  • More deer on the roads. Deer move from their breeding grounds in early spring and summer, causing an increased risk of a collision with these large animals.
  • More plant growth. Warm weather increases vegetation, which can lead to visibility problems.
  • More people on holiday. People who take trips are often not sure why they are going and may be distracted by maps or GPS devices instead of focusing on the road.
  • More car breakdowns. Road trips and travel lead to an increased chance of a breakdown. Some breakdowns, like tire blowouts, can be deadly.

Drivers who are aware of the summer risks can be proactive in trying to help reduce the chances of an accident happening.

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