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Louisville Motorists Engage in Many Dangerous Behaviors

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Motor Vehicle Accidents


Drivers in Louisville should know that distracted driving is dangerous and should stay focused on the road. Yet even while most motorists know that it is important to pay attention while driving, people do all sorts of tasks while behind the wheel. A recent study conducted by Erie Insurance took a close look at exactly what types of behaviors drivers are engaging in instead of paying careful attention while operating their vehicles. A personal injury lawyer knows that many of the things drivers are doing can significantly increase the risk of a crash happening.

What are Drivers Focused on Instead of the Road?

According to Forbes, drivers are not just talking on cell phones or entering data into their GPS devices. They are also doing lots of behaviors that could have an even higher risk than these classic distracted driving tasks. An online survey of 1,915 drivers in the United States found that drivers were:

  • Engaging in public displays of affection or romantic encounters. A total of 15 percent of drivers said they did these things behind the wheel.
  • Styling or combing their hair. Another 15 percent of drivers said they had done this grooming task.
  • Changing their clothing. A total of nine percent of drivers changed while driving. Hopefully, this did not involve pulling a shirt or sweater over the head, thus blinding themselves as they drive on the roads.
  • Applying makeup. Eight percent of drivers responding to the distracted driving survey said they have done this while driving.
  • Brushing their teeth or flossing their teeth. Four percent of drivers have done one of these two things behind the wheel.
  • Flossing takes two hands, which means drivers are actually removing their hands from the wheel to clean their teeth.
  • Changing drivers. Three percent of people have actually changed who was driving the car while the vehicle was operating on the road.
  • Using the bathroom. Another three percent of drivers said that they had done this while driving.

Some of the other distracting behaviors that drivers were doing also included putting in eye drops or contact lenses; curling their eyelashes; playing the guitar; and completing scratch-off lottery ticket. Any one of these behaviors could significantly up the chances that a motor vehicle collision would occur.

The study also looked at texting and driving, which increases the risk of a crash by as much as 23 percent. Approximately a third of all motorists said that they have texted behind the wheel while 3/4 of the survey respondents said that they had observed someone else who was driving a car and texting at the same time.

Despite all of these dangerous behaviors, some data has actually suggested that daydreaming is the highest-risk type of distracted driving responsible for the vast majority of collisions caused by drivers who aren’t paying attention.

Motorists should stop letting their minds water and should stop doing other tasks besides driving and instead should be focused on the roads.

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