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Possible Outcomes for My Kentucky Personal Injury Case

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2017 | Personal Injury


The personal injury lawsuit process can be daunting for anyone who has suffered an injury, and who has yet to seek legal assistance. Indeed, many injury victims have yet to experience contacting an attorney for help with an injury case, and may be unsure of what to expect.

Perhaps one question stands out among the rest for someone considering filing a personal injury lawsuit: specifically, “What are the possible outcomes for my personal injury case?” Ultimately, while the minute details are limitless, a number possible outcomes are likely to arise in a personal injury case and are described in-depth below:


Perhaps the most likely outcome for a personal injury case is a settlement is reached between the parties before a trial is ever necessary. A settlement is often the most cost-effective solution to a personal injury lawsuit, and can save both parties a significant amount of time and effort.

The basics of a settlement are fairly simple: the defendant, the party being sued and named liable for causing the personal injury, agrees to settle the claim for a certain sum of money paid to the plaintiff, or the individual who suffered harm and has initiated the lawsuit. The amount for which the case is settled is determined by a number of factors, such as:

  • What both parties believe the case is worth
  • What similar cases have settled for in the past
  • Estimates on what a jury might award a plaintiff if the case were to go through a trial

In some cases, if the case involves an insurance company, a predetermined settlement amount may be offered based on company policy.

Overall, many personal injury cases end in a settlement, as the parties want to avoid the hassle and expense of going through a trial. However, when either or both parties disagree, a trial may be necessary.

Trial and Verdict

When parties are unable to reach a settlement, a trial is required to decide the matter. In a trial, the plaintiff and the defendant, with the assistance of their attorneys, will argue their case in front of a six-member jury or judge. Once the case has concluded, the judge or jury will deliver a verdict, which will determine liability for the injuries. Even if the injured party is determined to be partially at fault, Kentucky law still allows them to recover compensation for damages based on the fault of the defendant.

Once the verdict has been delivered, a damage award is presented, as well. This award determines how much compensation will be awarded to the plaintiff by the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company, and is based on a variety of different factors.

The Assistance of an Attorney is Paramount when Filing a Personal Injury Claim

The information listed above may present the personal injury claims process as relatively simple, and one that could be initiated without the help of a lawyer. This is highly inadvisable as the personal injury process is highly complex and should only be attempted with a dedicated legal professional acting as a guide.

In some cases, a defendant may try to settle for a damage amount far below what is truly owed to the plaintiff. Or, the judge or jury may decide the plaintiff is liable for an unfair portion of their own injury, which could ultimately result in a reduced damage award.

Truthfully, the easiest way to avoid any of these outcomes is by contacting a Kentucky personal injury attorney with skill and experience in this field of law.

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