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Fatal car accidents are happening more often in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2019 | Car Accidents

Roadways in the state of Kentucky are constantly crowded and congested, especially in and around cities. More vehicles than ever before are sharing roadways across the state. Because of this, car accidents are happening at an alarming rate. Most accidents are minor fender-benders and nothing more than inconveniences. However, an increasing number of these accidents are proving to be fatal.

Recently, a tragic accident on a Kentucky interstate claimed the lives of five family members who were on their way home from a vacation. The crash happened during the overnight hours along Interstate 75 near Lexington. According to reports, the driver of a pickup truck was traveling south in a northbound lane. Reports said the truck violently collided head-on with the family’s SUV.

Police said the SUV caught fire, tragically killing all five people who were on board — a father, mother and three children. The driver of the pickup was also killed in the crash, reports said. Authorities believe the driver of the pickup truck may have been under the influence of alcohol.

Obviously, roads are more dangerous now than ever. As if dealing with crowded roadways isn’t enough, Kentucky drivers these days are forced to deal with greater numbers of distracted, reckless or intoxicated drivers. Operating a motor vehicle is something that comes with great responsibility and should never be taken for granted. Families who have suffered the loss of loved ones in car accidents could benefit from discussions with a knowledgeable attorney. While nothing can bring back a loved one, damages from a successfully litigated claim could help families recover any monetary losses that may have occurred due to this tragedy.

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