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Winter weather can cause serious car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Car Accidents

Winter weather often creates beautiful scenes throughout the state of Kentucky. Snow-covered landscapes can be breathtaking. However, winter weather can also cause big problems on busy roadways. Snow covered and icy roads are often a cause of deadly car accidents. The following tips can help drivers who encounter hazardous winter driving conditions.

One of the biggest mistakes that drivers make when driving in slick conditions is slamming on their brakes. Slamming on the brakes can cause the wheels to lock up and make the vehicle slide. Instead, apply gradual pressure when braking. Also, do not apply sudden pressure to the gas pedal and always avoid using cruise control when driving in the snow. If the vehicle begins to slide, turn the wheel in the direction in which the car is sliding.

Always drive defensively when traffic is present and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Be aware of surroundings and try to anticipate the actions of other drivers. It is also recommended to keep space on all four sides of the vehicle and have an escape route in the event that another vehicle loses control. Always allow extra time to reach destinations and, most importantly, slow down.

Although winter can be a beautiful time in Kentucky, it is also one of the most dangerous seasons in which to drive. When negligence in car accidents results in injury or loss, victims or affected families may want to consider discussions with a legal representative. A successfully litigated claim could result in much-needed compensation to help victims and families recover from this tragic experience.

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