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As populations increase across the state, so will car accidents

Thanks to a booming economy, cities in the state of Kentucky are thriving these days. However, one byproduct of this economic growth is increased traffic on roadways across the state. Navigating and traveling along these congested roads is definitely a challenge and can be very dangerous. To reduce the likelihood of an accident, drivers need to stay focused and attentive at all times behind the wheel. Unfortunately, car accidents are inevitable and cannot be totally prevented.

Recently, a man lost his life in a tragic crash in Hopkins County. The accident happened on Sunset Road during the afternoon hours. According to reports, the driver of a car was backing out of his driveway onto the roadway when he collided with another car on the driver’s side

Reportedly, the impact caused the car to leave the roadway and hit a power pole. Tragically, authorities said the driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The driver who was backing out was not injured, reports said.

Unfortunately, crashes will be happening more and more as roadways see increased traffic. Losing a beloved family member in a motor vehicle accident is something that no person wants to face. In Kentucky, the surviving family members of those who are killed in car accidents have the option to take legal action against a driver who is deemed to have been negligent in a manner that caused the collision. A successfully litigated claim could provide families with much-needed compensation to help with end-of-life expenses and other documented losses.

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