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Suit alleges nursing home abuse may have led to man’s death

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse

Sometimes, those who suffer from certain medical conditions are unable to live independently. Fortunately, the state of Kentucky is home to hundreds of reputable and well-staffed nursing facilities that were designed to care for those who are unable to live alone. These facilities provide everything a person needs such as regular meals, house keeping services and social interaction. However, neglect can and does happen in nursing homes. Nursing home abuse affects thousands of families across the country every year.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed in another state over allegations that negligent care resulted in the death of a nursing facility resident. The lawsuit said the resident was found unresponsive in his room only a couple of months after being admitted to the facility. Allegedly, the resident was taken to a hospital where it was discovered he was in diabetic ketoacidosis and also had a stage three pressure ulcer.

Reportedly, the man died a few days later from sepsis caused by the ulcer. The lawsuit alleges that it was noted that the resident had a pressure ulcer on his body when he was first admitted to the facility. However, the plaintiff claims the defendant failed to administer the proper care which caused the man to suffer an infection which ultimately led to his death. The plaintiff seeks compensatory damages and all just relief.

Placing a loved one in a nursing facility is a big step. It goes without saying that loved ones should be appropriately cared for. Families in Kentucky who have been affected nursing home abuse may want to consider discussions with an attorney. A successful lawsuit could provide families with much-needed compensation and a sense of justice.

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