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What if your Uber crashes?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You decide to get an Uber to go home from the bar. You don’t feel that drunk, but you have a personal rule against driving after you’ve been drinking at all, and you’re sticking to it. Safety is your main goal. 

Then, just three blocks from the bar, your Uber driver runs a stop sign. They slam into the side of a pickup truck. Now what?

For the most part, the incident proceeds just like any other accident. Uber instructs drivers to make sure that those involved are all right and to call the authorities. They will have to give statements to the police and emergency crews will take anyone who did get injured to the hospital. 

For you, though, things are a bit different. You were not driving either vehicle. In this case, it’s clear to you that your driver, operating their car for a major corporation, caused the crash. Uber will work with the insurance providers to get everything straightened out. 

On your end, you may be able to seek compensation, just as you could if you were getting a ride with a friend or a co-worker. They caused the accident, which in turn caused your injuries. It doesn’t matter that you were in the same car, rather than riding in the car they hit. You can still seek compensation for the costs related to that crash. 

As such, make sure you keep accurate records regarding all of your medical bills, lost wages, and things of this nature. You need to know exactly how this has impacted your life so that you can start looking into the legal options that you have

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