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Searching for a nursing home? Choose carefully

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Nursing Home Neglect

When you think about placing your mother or father into a nursing home, it’s a little heartbreaking. You want them to be comfortable in their home, but you know that as they age, that might not be possible. You can’t always be there to make sure they’re safe, and there are many fall hazards and issues with them being home alone.

Now that you’re looking into nursing homes, it’s necessary to know what to look for. You want to eliminate the risk of abuse, neglect or errors that could lead to your parents’ injuries or deaths. What should you be sure to ask, do or look for when you choosing the right nursing home care? Here are three helpful tips to finding the right nursing home for your parents.

  1. Always go to the nursing home in person

To start with, always go to the nursing home in person. Ads and brochures can look nice, but you won’t be able to taste the food or smell the area if you aren’t there.

  1. Talk about the staff, and get to know them

The next thing to do is to get to know the staff at the facility. If they don’t have time to stop and say hello or you see that the staff is clearly overwhelmed, then this facility should be at the bottom of your list.

  1. Go to more than one facility

Finally, make sure you look at multiple nursing homes. You can only gauge what to expect when you see more than one, and you can then compare them against one another.

Choosing the right nursing home is essential in protecting your loved one. Our site has more on what to do if you do choose a facility and your parent or parents end up getting hurt.

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