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Lawyers add value to cases, despite court closures

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

Courts across the country are limiting or restricting hearings due to the recent pandemic, but it hasn’t ceased cases or lawsuits from moving forward. Actually, most attorneys are staying busy and working with clients to progress court work, including cases and trials.

Many clients may wonder how that is possible. Luckily, there are ways to continuously add value to your proceeding without stepping foot into a courtroom.

Electronic filings

Luckily, Kentucky courts allowed attorneys to file court documents without making a trip to the courthouse in 2013. The system was electronic filing; the intention behind the eFiling was to reduce paper while also saving costs for everyone involved, including clients.

However, the eFiling system allows attorneys to file documents with zero physical contact with courthouse employees or officials. It’s been a considerable benefit in 2020.

Discovery progresses

Along with filings, lawyers are still working on obtaining evidence, witness statements and any other documentation for their clients’ cases. Most law firms focus on the discovery process outside the court, and they may be able to receive the prosecution discover in the comforts of a safe space.

Discovery is a crucial aspect of any criminal or civil case, so it’s incredibly valuable that attorneys can focus on gathering evidence and building arguments amid the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Communication continues

Finally, while courts are closed or restricted, it doesn’t hinder a lawyer’s ability to communicate with the prosecution or their clients. Video meetings are becoming more commonplace and allow attorneys to discuss cases privately with clients no matter the circumstances.

These conversations are invaluable to any progression as lawyers need a solid foundation with their clients in order to fight on their behalf.

These are only three examples of how attorneys continuously work for their client, despite court statuses and the pandemic’s progression. There are so many ways the right representation moves your case forward, without stepping into the courthouse.

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