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How to remotely identify abuse in nursing homes

Many Kentucky residents are diligently about social distancing and prevention of Covid-19 exposure, especially among their loved ones. Most people need to ensure that their high-risk family members remain safe and healthy for as long as possible.

One of the most vulnerable groups is the elderly. And most people are separated from their elderly relatives due to the Covid-19 regulations. It makes it challenging to know how their treatment and current condition in nursing facilities.

What to spot for elder abuse

There are ways to know that there is mistreatment among your relatives, even if you can not see them physically. It helps if you can ask your relative about certain factors such as:

  • What are their eating habits like?
  • How often are they bathing or being groomed?
  • What do their surroundings look like? Is it properly maintained?
  • How do the staff treat you?
  • Are they routinely checking you in bed?
  • Are they regularly providing the right medications and medical treatments?

Depending on their answers, you may be able to gauge whether they are experiencing abnormal treatment or possible abuse.

There are also ways to notice emotional or psychological abuse through the phone such as the nursing home won’t allow you to speak with your relative, you notice a dramatic change in their personality or the relative starts to isolate themselves from close friends and family. All these are signs of potential emotional damage from abuse.

And unfortunately, this isn’t a rare occurrence. Many seniors are victims of some sort of abuse, whether it’s physical, emotional or financial. It makes it critical for loved ones to stay in touch and act on their behalf. You can report it to Kentucky’s abuse hotline, (877) 597-2331. Do not let the pandemic ruin your ability to protect your family.

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