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Questions to ask during a virtual consultation

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Injuries

Kentucky residents have plentiful options when it comes to legal representation for any practice area. However, more options don’t mean that you have the right option. You need to know that you are selecting the right attorney for your specific case and claim.

Luckily, consultations are an excellent opportunity to interview different lawyers and determine the right person for your circumstances. However, the pandemic means most consultations will be on the phone or over the computer, so you can prepare a list of questions to ask beforehand.

Explain your experience in this practice

Whether it’s a car accident or medical malpractice claim, you need to make sure your attorney is well-versed in the case content. You will most likely explain your case and ask the attorney their previous experience with the specifics of your case. You want someone who is competent and can develop a compelling argument for your side.

How would you approach my case?

It is completely normal to ask a lawyer about how they may approach your circumstances. They may give you a variety of options or possible outcomes. Some options may even involve you staying out of court and handling your case more cheaply. Some options may have a more aggressive route. Whatever approach your attorney chooses could show you their representation style.

What is the payment process like?

Most attorneys expect potential clients to ask about billing. It’s a critical factor in determining who to hire. You do not want to hire someone who is far outside your price range. The lawyer can also break down how they charge their fees, fines, etc. You can also determine a payment structure if it’s a long-term case.

The benefit of a consultation is that you can ask whatever you need to in order to make the right choice for your case. You want to hire an attorney that is well-versed and component enough for your specific situation.

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