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What to look for in a nursing home

Every parent wants to provide the best childhood they can for their children. Each parent wants to keep a roof over their kids’ heads, food on their plates and teach their children how to be independent adults.

However, there comes a time where children become independent adults and need to provide for parents – especially as their parents’ health declines. Luckily, you can be a providing child by selecting the right nursing facility for your family’s needs.

Eight questions to ask in senior living homes

It’s important to be inquisitive while determining the right place for your parents. Luckily, you know the right questions to ask, such as

  • How do the staff members interact with residents?
  • Do the other seniors look happy and healthy?
  • Are there strict guidelines surrounding visitation, especially during a pandemic?
  • What is the condition of the rooms and living spaces?
  • Does the cafeteria provide healthy, well-balanced meals?
  • Are the employees generally happy or satisfied with their work?
  • Do residents have the freedom to socialize, participate in activities or develop new hobbies?
  • Does the facility follow the CDC guidelines for the pandemic?

Some of these questions seem like common sense, but it’s critical to pay attention to the details and gather an entire picture of the home. You want to make sure you’re making the best decision for you and your loved one.

If you decide the facility is mistreating your parent, you should report the nursing home for whatever abuse is present and fund a new location that treats your parents the way they deserve. Do not let negligence or abuse go unreported.

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