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Nursing home abuse takes various forms

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse

If you live in a nursing home or have concerns about an elderly family member living in such a facility, you need to keep an eye out for abuse. Regrettably, many older adults experience nursing home abuse, which can carry a significant physical, mental and financial toll.

It is also important to realize that nursing home abuse occurs in many different ways. Sometimes, mistreatment in nursing homes is very hard to detect, but it is vital to hold offenders accountable for their actions and prevent abuse from taking place in the future.

Physical, verbal and sexual abuse in nursing homes

The National Center on Elder Abuse outlines various ways in which older adults experience abuse and a lot of this abuse occurs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Sometimes, abuse involves physical acts, such as shaking, pushing, hitting, slapping, burning or pinching victims. Some older adults experience verbal abuse, such as those who endure harassment, receive threats or suffer as a result of humiliation or insults.

Sometimes, nursing home residents are sexually abused. Sexual abuse takes various forms, such as battery, unwanted touching and other forms of non-consensual sexual activity.

Financial abuse and neglect in nursing homes

Some victims of nursing home abuse suffer as a result of theft or the misuse of their finances. Moreover, some become coerced into signing documents, such as a contract or a form related to their estate. Neglect, such as failing to provide a patient with food, water, medicine and personal safety also remains far too prevalent.

If you have experienced nursing home abuse or suspect your loved one’s rights are not respected, do not remain silent.

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