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Was someone responsible for your elderly loved one’s fall injury?

Older people often less steady on their feet, which can put them at greater risk of a fall, and the injuries that result can often threaten their health. If you have entrusted your loved one’s care to the staff of a nursing home, this may lead you to wonder whether you can hold them responsible for their part in the accident.

How serious are fall injuries in a nursing home?

While younger people may be able to recover fairly quickly, elderly people often sustain more serious injuries and require more significant treatment after a fall. Around 20 percent of falls result in a serious injury like a broken bone, with 95 percent of hip fractures resulting from a fall. Thousands of people every year are hospitalized for injuries sustained in a fall, and millions visit the emergency room.

Was the fall preventable?

Unfortunately, not every fall is a simple accident. Sometimes, a fall can be a sign that something more serious is going on in your loved one’s nursing home. In cases of nursing home abuse, a shove from staff could lead to serious injury.

Nursing home neglect could also be responsible for a fall. Nursing homes and their staff are responsible for maintaining the health and safety of their residents and for keeping their facilities safe. Those that do not repair tripping hazards, fail to provide residents with mobility aids or do not provide them with necessary medication could put their residents at risk. Neglectful staff may also allow injuries to grow worse if they do not notice a fallen resident.

If you wonder whether the care facility responsible for your loved one might be liable for a fall, consider speaking to an experienced attorney. They can help you examine the particulars of the incident, hold facilities and staff responsible for negligence and abuse and ensure that your loved one has the support they need to recover from their injuries.

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