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Is a lack of truck parking a safety issue?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Truck drivers who drive over the road must go long distances each day. Nobody is able to continuously drive for a while day and do it safely.

Because of this, truck drivers need places they can pull off the road to rest. Spectrum News 1 explains truck stops and rest stops have long served this purpose, but there is a trend in shutting rest stops and large truck stops may not always be available. When this happens, there is a lack of parking for trucks.

The situation

Truck drivers must adhere to federal rules about how long they can drive each day. Once they reach the hourly limit, they must stop driving. If they do not have a proper place to park, they could face serious problems.

These drivers also cannot park just anywhere. Unlike passenger vehicles, trucks need a lot of space to park and move around. This means they need areas designed specifically for them.

Another issue is many places are now instituting no parking zones in areas where trucks would pull off if they were unable to find other suitable areas to stop and rest. When drivers come across no parking signs, though, they have to figure something else out. Many times, the options are not ideal and could increase even bigger safety risks for everyone.

The problem

The problem is many truck drivers have had to resort to parking alongside the road, which is not safe for them or other motorists. If they cannot find a truck stop or rest area, they may have no choice but to use the first place they see where it is legal to stop, and often, that is the side of busy roadways.

It is easy to see why a lack of parking for large trucks could become a safety issue for everyone on the roads. Trucks need areas where they can safely leave the road and stop.

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