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3 Reasons to Seek Medical Attention After a Crash

The aftermath of a car accident can involve calls to insurance companies, car repairs, time away from work and other issues. If you do not seem injured, it can be tempting to skip a visit to your doctor and focus on these other details. However, not seeking medical treatment could be a significant mistake that puts your health and finances at risk.

Why should you seek immediate medical attention after a car accident?

1.Some Injuries May Not Be Immediately Apparent.

While some injuries result in immediate pain or visible wounds, the symptoms of other injuries might not appear for some time. For example, the sensory changes, poor balance, headaches or personality changes that result from a head injury can take hours or days to appear. This delay of symptoms means that people who seem to be uninjured might be much more seriously injured than they first believe.

2. Getting Medical Attention Prevents Injuries from Becoming More Serious.

Sometimes, ignoring an injury can make that injury worse. For example, untreated fractures can take longer to heal, set incorrectly or lead to other complications. Seeking immediate medical attention allows you to treat minor injuries before they become a major concern.

3. Immediate Medical Attention Shows that You Took Your Injuries Seriously.

Insurance companies may dismiss a claim because of how seriously you took your injuries after a crash. Immediate medical attention shows providers that they should take your health seriously.

Seeking medical attention after a crash help ensure that you receive the treatment that you need. It also protects your access to support from an insurance claim or legal action.