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Can You Detect Abuse in A Nursing Home?

When you place your loved one in a Kentucky nursing home facility, you rely on the staff to provide compassionate, quality care. If they betray your trust and mistreat your family member, the repercussions could have life-altering and damaging outcomes.

Knowing the warning signs of nursing home abuse can help you stay more vigilant to make sure your loved one gets the highest standard of care.

Warning Signs

Elder abuse takes on many forms including sexual, financial, physical, and emotional. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many seniors do not report mistreatment. If your family member suffers abuse, fear of retribution or retaliatory neglect may be at the root of silence. Some warning signs to watch for that could indicate abuse include the following:

  • Changes to your loved one’s demeanor

  • Unexplained injuries or illnesses

  • Isolation and disinterest in socializing

  • Confusion and delirium

  • Noticeable decline in your loved one’s grooming

  • Open refusal to eat or take medications


One of the best ways to detect and prevent nursing home abuse is through regular visitation. Developing a consistent visitation schedule can keep you informed of what your family member experiences on a daily basis. Showing up unannounced can also give you a more accurate depiction of what happens when you are not present. You can also encourage your family member to know the signs of abuse and to immediately notify you if situations cause discomfort or fear.

If your family member has suffered abuse at the hands of a caretaker, you may want to take legal action. Working with an attorney can give you the guidance you need as you prepare your case.