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Car Accidents Involving Motorcycles Can Cause Severe Injuries

From about mid-June, Kentucky weather prompts motorcycle enthusiasts to take to the open roads after the long winter. Motorcycles offer none of the protective features that automobiles have, and when cars and bikes crash, the bikers are typically the ones who suffer the most severe injuries. Understandably, more coordination and skills are required for the safe operation of motorcycles than those necessary for driving vehicles. Even with helmets, eye protection and protective clothing, boots and gloves, bikers are often left with severe injuries or worse.

Bone fractures often result because motorcycles have only two wheels and even minor accidents can cause them to fall over and trap a rider’s legs. The Center for Neuro Skills says, although broken legs are common consequences of motorcycle accidents, the natural reaction to stop the fall can cause fractured arms and wrists. Pelvic and shoulder fractures are also common in these accidents.

Traumatic brain injuries and other head trauma can occur, even if the rider wears a helmet. A helmet can prevent penetrating skull wounds and lower the likelihood of fatalities, but it cannot stop the rapid movement of the brain as it smashes into the inside of the skull. Another common injury involves road rash, which can range from mild cases that leave the outer skin layers red, to damage that breaks the outer skin layers. However, the injury can be critical when the inner fat and tissue layers are exposed.

While all these injuries can range from mild to severe, the medical expenses are often overwhelming. More severe cases can lead to long-term health consequences or even permanent disabilities. Fortunately, the Kentucky civil justice system allows victims of motorcycle and car accidents that resulted from another party’s negligence to pursue claims for financial relief. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist throughout the ensuing legal proceedings to recover current and future financial and emotional damages.