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Delayed Pain After an Accident

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Women with neck pain after car accident

Being in any kind of accident in Kentucky can be a devastating experience and may result in minor or severe injuries, ER visits, hospitalization, or incapacitation. However, in some cases, these injuries, symptoms, or pain may be delayed, taking several days or weeks before they manifest. Unfortunately, failure to receive immediate medical treatment for your injuries could result in long-term pain and other health problems. Delayed pain can make your case more complicated. 
Mr. Slechter and Mrs. Slechter have devoted their careers to protecting the rights of accident victims and their loved ones. As experienced Kentucky personal injury attorneys, they can review every aspect of your unique situation and help ensure that you receive adequate treatment for your delayed injuries and pain. In addition, Mr. Slechter and Mrs. Slechter will help file your claims and attempt to recover the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. The firm proudly serves clients across Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. 

Understanding Delayed Pain 

When a traffic accident occurs, some drivers and passengers can emerge unhurt. As a result, individuals who feel fine or do not sustain any injury from the crash may delay or fail to get proper medical treatment. 

However, in some cases, the injuries and symptoms suffered after the crash could be delayed. In fact, it may take an extended period—days, weeks, or sometimes months—after the auto crash for your injuries to manifest. This is commonly referred to as delayed pain or delayed symptoms. 

Injuries That May Result in Delayed Pain 

Here are some auto accident injuries that may result in delayed pain: 

  • Whiplash 

  • Abdominal pain from internal bleeding 

  • Spinal injuries 

  • Neck pain 

  • Back pain 

  • Concussions   

  • Back injuries 

Detecting delayed injury or pain is only possible if you receive immediate medical help after the incident. Otherwise, you need to look out for various signs and symptoms that indicate that you may have sustained a delayed injury. 

Delayed Symptoms to Watch For   

Here are some common signs and symptoms of delayed pain that you should observe if you were involved in an auto crash: 

  • Stiffness and neck pain 

  • Sensitivity to light 

  • Changes in sleep pattern 

  • Dizziness 

  • Persistent headache 

  • Ringing in the ears 

  • Numbness and tingling sensation 

  • Vomiting and nausea 

  • Behavioral changes 

  • Confusion 

  • Continuous shoulder pain 

  • Slurred speech 

It is vital that you see an experienced doctor and get the necessary treatments for your delayed injuries. This will help you avoid serious pain, health issues, and other medical complications. A dedicated Kentucky car accident attorney can ensure that you get adequate treatment, file your claims as soon as possible, and help you recover financial compensation. 

Time Limit for Filing a Personal Injury Claim  

Keep in mind that the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Kentucky, including car accidents, is one year from the date of the accident or injury. This means that you must commence a civil action in order to recover damage within one year from when the incident occurred, or your injury was discovered. 

Don’t Settle With the Insurance Company Too Quickly  

After filing your insurance claims, the insurer may propose a settlement amount. Essentially, accepting the first settlement offer from the insurance carrier is never advisable. You really need to recover fully or reach MMI before you negotiate or accept the insurer’s settlement offer. 

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is the stage where your health condition cannot improve any longer. A qualified medical professional can fully evaluate your health status, perform various diagnoses, tests, and scans, and give you the necessary medical treatments and recommendations. In your injuries and symptoms persist, the doctor may refer you to a specialist. 

Please be sure to follow your treatment plans, doctor’s instructions, and recommendations. Upon reaching MMI or full recovery, your lawyer will be able to determine your actual damages and settlement amount. Your attorney can file injury claims on your behalf and help negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance provider. Ultimately, your attorney is here to help you move forward. 

Discuss Your Options With an Attorney

Having effective representation is crucial to protect your rights when seeking damages for delayed pain or injuries after an accident. It’s natural to feel frustrated during this time, but you need to remember that you have options. The attorneys at Slechter Law Firm, PLLC are proud to offer skilled guidance regarding your legal options when it comes to personal injuries in Kentucky. 

No one should have to endure the aftermath of an accident alone, especially if there is delayed pain involved. If you were hurt in an accident or you’re experiencing delayed pain after a car crash, contact Slechter Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a simple case assessment. Mr. Slechter and Mrs. Slechter can guide you through the complex procedures involved in filing claims and seeking damages for delayed pain after an accident. The firm proudly protects the rights of clients across Louisville, Lexington, and the rest of Kentucky.