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Does an Expert Witness Help My Case?

It would be nice if the party responsible for your injuries accepted responsibility and you didn’t have to prove your case to a judge and jury. Unfortunately, that’s more the exception than the rule. When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you must provide evidence showing that the other party’s actions directly caused your injuries. In our experience, utilizing the services of at least one expert can greatly enhance your credibility.

What Is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a highly esteemed professional in his or her field who testifies in a legal case. In personal injury cases, expert witness are often doctors or surgeons. When choosing an expert witness, we consider his or her experience, education, reputation, and whether this person has given expert testimony in the past. We’re looking for someone who can offer personal insights and explanations into the more complex aspects of your case in a manner the judge and jury can easily understand.

Unlike a lay witness who can only describe what he or she personally saw in your case, an expert witness can provide a professional opinion. However, it must help others understand the evidence or a certain fact of the case. Additionally, an expert witness must obtain his or her professional opinion from reliable sources and use reasonable care when applying it to your case.

The Benefits of Expert Testimony

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you’re stating that the negligent actions of another party caused injuries severe enough to miss work, rack up medical expenses, and/or change your quality of life. Because negligence is an easy word to throw around, you must prove that the defendant in your case had a legal duty towards you that he or she didn’t meet. An expert witness is helpful in explaining how the other party is negligent and why you should receive compensation because of it.

Another benefit of consulting an expert is that he or she can clarify evidence the judge and jury may not understand. For example, you may have acquired serious cognitive deficits due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by the other party’s actions. However, your struggles with energy, forgetfulness, and attention span may not seem obvious to others. In this case, calling a medical professional with experience in treating the long-term effects of TBI would be ideal.

Although Slechter Law Firm arranges for expert witnesses, the person who testifies doesn’t have the same vested interested in the outcome of your case as you and the other party do. It has been our experience that judges and juries consider the information presented by impartial experts more than they do to the testimony of the plaintiff and defendant. Although we can’t guarantee a higher monetary award, cases with expert witnesses tend to pay out more in a winning lawsuit than those without one.

How We Determine if Your Case Would Benefit from An Expert Witness

While it’s true that the testimony of an expert can sway a personal injury award in your favor, we also consider whether the cost of retaining one is a good investment. Mat A. Slechter or Meredith Kirklin Slechter will always discuss their reasons for considering hiring or declining an expert in your case. The more complex your situation, the greater the likelihood that having expert testimony would be in your interest.

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