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How Accident Procedures Changed During the Pandemic

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has rapidly changed Kentucky residents’ lives. They had to adapt in every manner from what they wear to how they shop. It even affects the roads as many commuters aren’t hitting the streets as often.

However, the roads continue to be a dangerous space, and many commuters even adopt more reckless behaviors on the road due to the lower presence. It makes sense that car accident rates remain stable, and people have to approach the aftermath differently.

A New Perspective on Car Crashes

After a car accident, the normal response would be to work with the other driver to exchange insurance information, take photos, gather witness testimony and call the police. And most of those steps are the same in a Covid-19 world.

However, there are slight changes to these steps to ensure that everyone is healthy and protected from any coronavirus exposure. Drivers need to know what changed, including:

  • Everyone has to wear masks while interacting.

  • No one should touch each other’s belongings, including insurance cards or phones.

  • Police officers may practice social distancing while interviewing the parties and crafting a report.

  • There may be limitations when it comes to medical attention as only so many people can be in an ambulance.

Along with the immediate response to a car accident, there are changes when it comes to seeking damages or claims from an incident. Now, you start your claims online. After filing, you may have to go through a virtual hearing or experience social-distancing in the courtroom.

It’s important to remember while Kentucky is technically a no-fault state, drivers can opt-out of a no-fault option. If you already opted out, you may have the opportunity to work with an attorney and seek compensation for any repairs, medical costs, etc.