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How Do You Know When to Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm? 

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Personal injury claims arise when someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured. In the case of injuries from unsafe products, a claim doesn’t require proof of negligence because manufacturers and retailers are strictly liable for the safety of their products.  

Some victims use the extent of their injuries to determine whether they contact a personal injury law firm. If their injuries are minor, they may believe they can settle their own claim and avoid paying attorneys a percentage of their settlement. If their injuries are severe, they may believe they can settle a claim for the limits of an insurance policy without attorney representation.   

The fact is that insurance companies never want to pay anything if there is any way they can avoid it. If they need to pay, they will try to pay as little as possible. Neither the victim’s injuries nor the negligence or strict liability of their insureds have anything to do with compensation. Keeping the company as profitable as possible is their motivation.  

At Slechter Law Firm, PLLC, Mr. Slechter and Mrs. Slechter believe that every injury victim should receive fair compensation for the damages they have incurred. If they believe a victim can handle their own claim, they will tell them so. Otherwise, they will be a formidable team in the fight to recover the maximum compensation possible for their clients in Louisville, Lexington, and throughout the state of Kentucky. Here’s why that is so important to you.  

Are There Common Types of Personal Injuries? 

Personal injury claims can arise from car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, trips, slips and falls, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, and defective products, to name a few. The types of injuries can range from a superficial cut to a deadly injury, illness, or disease. There is no formula for which injuries should have attorney representation and which should not, but here are some common personal injuries: 

  • Cuts and bruises; 

  • Soft tissue and whiplash injuries; 

  • Joint dislocations and separations; 

  • Bone fractures; 

  • Spinal injuries; 

  • Concussions and traumatic brain injuries; 

  • Damage to internal organs; 

  • Loss of limbs and organs; 

  • Infections; and,  

  • Onset of an illness or disease. 

Do I Need an Attorney for a Personal Injury Claim? 

To determine whether you need an attorney for your personal injury claim, you should know the answers to two key questions: Is Kentucky a fault or no-fault state? And, how can a personal injury attorney help me with my case? Here are some answers. 

Kentucky is a no-fault state, and in no-fault states, the ability to recover compensation for personal injuries is limited and complex. Liability insurers thrive in no-fault states because laws require your own insurance to pay for your injuries and other damages, not the liability insurance of the person who caused them. Regardless of the extent of your injuries and other damages, the hurdles posed in a no-fault state almost demand that you work with an experienced personal injury attorney.  

The opportunity to recover compensation from a third-party liability claim in a no-fault state usually rests upon the severity of your injuries. Your own insurance coverage should pay benefits for minor injuries. In no-fault states, you must prove your injuries and damages exceed the limits of your own coverage to pursue a third-party liability claim. That’s precisely what an experienced personal injury attorney can help you do.  

You have options in a no-fault state for pursuing a claim against your own insurance coverage, pursuing a third-party liability claim, or a combination of the two. Your personal injury attorney will help you explore your options so you can pursue maximum compensation, whether your claim is small or major.  

It all requires dealing with insurance companies – yours and theirs. Just because you pay the premiums on your own policy doesn’t mean your insurance company will be any happier to compensate you fairly. Neither will the at-fault party’s insurer. Seasoned personal injury attorneys will not be deterred. They know what motivates insurance companies, how to negotiate with them, and when to talk to you about filing a lawsuit if they refuse to settle your claim for a fair sum. Insurance companies recognize what they are up against when claimants are represented by an attorney.  

Finally, in all claims requiring proof of negligence of another party, you will need to meet the standards of proof required by law. That isn’t always an easy bar to reach. It often requires a full investigation, gathering of evidence, expert witness testimony, and perhaps even filing a lawsuit so your attorney can conduct discovery to uncover the evidence you need to meet the burden of proof required.  

What Should I Ask a Personal Injury Attorney?  

Mr. Slechter and Mrs. Slechter will not agree to represent an injury victim who does not need legal representation. Every case is unique, but a personal injury firm worth its salt will advise a potential client honestly regarding the need for legal representation. Here are five questions to ask if you meet with a personal injury attorney: 

  1. How much experience do you have representing clients with similar claims? 

  1. Will you handle my case or will an associate or assistant? 

  1. How much will your fees and other costs be if you represent me? 

  1. Who makes the decisions about my claim during this process? 

  1. If the insurance company doesn’t offer a fair settlement and we need to go to court, are you willing to litigate my claim? If so, how much experience do you have? 

Experienced Guidance Every Step of the Way 

At Slechter Law Firm, PLLC in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Slechter and Mrs. Slechter can take all the facts of your unique personal injury claim and advise you regarding your need to hire legal representation. Even in small claims involving minor injuries, hiring a personal injury attorney who provides experienced guidance can result in a far less stressful process and more compensation even after attorney’s fees and expenses are paid from your settlement.  

Explore your options with those who know. Call Slechter Law Firm, PLLC now to find out if hiring a personal injury firm is right for you.