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How Supply Chain Issues Could Increase the Risk for Truck Accidents

Stressors stemming from supply chain pressure points added to the nation’s already-strained logistics infrastructure could increase the risk of truck accidents everywhere.

When the county faces a supply chain crisis, motorists will need to utilize additional caution when sharing the road with big rigs.

Be Aware of Important Safety Factors

No driver is an island unto themselves. Shared roadways equate to shared risks. Trucking companies and drivers under pressure to deliver goods quickly can pose a safety hazard to you and your family. Time constraints can result in many forms of negligence:

  • Driver fatigue is prevalent, which reduces driver awareness and is the cause of many accidents

  • Truck maintenance deficiencies can result in tire blowouts, brake failure and other malfunctions that could prove catastrophic

  • Hurried loading can result in cargo imbalances that can cause unexpected swerves and even truck rollovers during sudden braking

Practice Safe Driving Skills

One thing you do have control over is your own driving. Stay alert to what is going on around you in all directions, keep a safe distance between your vehicle and others and avoid getting sandwiched between two or more big rigs.

Louisville is one of the busiest cargo hubs in the world. Big trucks dominate the city’s five interstate roadways and other thoroughfares, loaded with freight from air, rail, port and road cargo suppliers. This increases the likelihood of accidents.

You can mitigate risk and stay safe on the roads by being aware of what you are dealing with and by driving defensively.