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Is Driving Safer This Year for The Holidays?

Due to the recent pandemic, many families are reconsidering their travel plans throughout the holidays. They may even cancel their yearly celebrations in favor of social-distance functions or virtual parties.

However, those who want to travel could consider driving instead of flying this season as a way to avoid unnecessary exposure in airports. But how do you ensure you and your family stay safe in a long car ride during the wintertime?

Five Tips to Travel Safely Throughout the Holidays

Here are some simple ways to keep your family safe and healthy during the holiday road trip:

  • Maintenance beforehand – Make sure your vehicle is up to date with all its proper maintenance, including oil changes, battery checks and tire inspections. You want to avoid any potential hiccups before hitting the road.

  • Plan out your routes ahead of time – It’s important to keep your stops minimal and safe in the current crisis. Work out a proper route with any stops necessary for bathroom breaks or food.

  • Keep distractions to a minimum – While entertainment is necessary for long rides, you need to avoid the distractions. Make sure the kids and any animals are corralled, and your phone is silent and tucked away.

  • Pack your essentials early – You should pack for your holiday plans and also any pandemic needs, including extra masks, sanitizers and extra gloves. Do not wait until the last minute or you may forget those in the rush out of the house.

  • Prep for an emergency – It’s always smart to have an emergency kit prepped in your trunk. You may want spark plugs, water, flashlights, a cellphone charger, salt for icy roads and spare clothes and blankets.

All these tips should help smooth our your family trip, but you can’t prepare for all incidents. You may run into a car accident if you are dealing with other drivers, rushing to their holiday plans. In that case, make sure to seek medical attention and gather evidence when necessary.