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Keep Car Accidents out Of Your Kentucky Derby Plans

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most famous sporting events in America with over 150,000 people attending in 2018. People from across the world travel to Louisville with the intentions of watching strong competitors race.

However, the sharp influx in tourists causes more traffic and car accidents on the Kentucky roads. It makes it crucial for travelers to understand how to avoid incidents and how to react in the case of a car crash.

What to Do Before Heading to The Track

Before you put on your most extravagant hat or place bets on your favorite horse, you want to take a few extra steps to minimize the risk of an accident on the street:

1. Plan to leave early – No one wants to be late for the first races, but you don’t want to increase the risk of a crash by speeding to the derby. Leaving early helps drivers avoid the temptation to “race off” to the next location.

2. Turn off your phone – Most drivers know that distractions on the road significantly increase the chance for accidents. Luckily, you can turn off one of the biggest distractions, your cellphone. Once your phone is off, you can focus on the road and getting to your seats on time.

3. Map out your route beforehand – Another step to take is planning the route. If you are driving a long distance, it helps to know the directions instead of looking at Google Maps while navigating Louisville.

4. Avoid any risky behaviors in a rental car – Most drivers are more cautious in rental cars, but you may be tempted to drive riskier in a borrowed vehicle. The best rule of thumb is to drive like it’s your car. It will make you consider the best practices and avoid any dangerous situations.

Taking the time to perform a few simple tasks before hitting the road decreases the chances for a serious injury or costly damages on your vehicle.

Costly Collisions Near the Racetrack

Unfortunately, the tips only increase the likelihood of a safe trip; it does not guarantee an accident-free ride. If you do get into an accident while in Kentucky, you need to report it to the Kentucky Police department within ten days of the incident.

Next, you will want to hire an attorney from Kentucky, not your home state. It’s better to have a lawyer who is familiar with the local traffic laws than someone who practices near your hometown. Once you file the right documentation, you will be able to seek compensation for damages or medical treatments due to the car crash – no matter where you live.