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Less Traffic Still Means More Trouble for Truck Drivers

Covid-19 has deeply affected everything from how we work to how we shop. However, one of the biggest changes is the effects it has on traffic. Fewer people are driving, so traffic has significantly decreased throughout the last eight months.

Despite the decrease in traffic, a report by the National Safety Council stated there was a 14% increase in fatal car crashes per mile driven in March – that is with 18.6% fewer drivers on the U.S. highways.

How Is This Happening?

Unfortunately, less traffic doesn’t inherently mean safer roads. Many drivers are paying less attention to the road and often speeding more often from each location. It’s putting those who work on the roads at the most risk for fatal incidents, such as car crashes.

Right now, truck drivers are the most consistent presence on the roadways. They are most likely to experience the wrath of reckless drivers, so what can they do to protect themselves until road routines are back to normal?

Tips to Protect Your Truck During the Pandemic

There are a few strategies that professional drivers can implement into their normal workday, including:

  • Stay on the defense – Most commercial drivers know that they need to act as the defensive drivers on the road. But as a reminder, make sure to scan your surroundings consistently and check your mirrors every 10 seconds to be aware of other drivers on the road.

  • Avoid speeding – Since many drivers will take advantage of the empty roads, truck drivers must follow the speed limit and ensure they are driving the correct speed for the weather conditions.

  • Stay rested – One of the most important things to do is get proper rest before a long drive. Commercial drivers should not rely on coffee or energy drinks to get them through the workday. Try to get a full night’s rest before a major drive.

These will help you stay as safe as you can, but it won’t prevent other drivers from their potential accidents. Just stay aware and make sure to seek medical attention if you end up being involved in a truck accident.