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Medical Malpractice: Missed Steps Can Be Deadly for Patients

Successful medical treatment is a step-by-step process. Those in Kentucky and across the country who seek treatment rely on the knowledge and expertise of doctors, surgeons and other providers. However, if a health care provider makes a mistake in any part of the treatment process, the patient can suffer serious injuries and even death. Something as minor as misreading test results can have disastrous effects. This is what allegedly happened to a man in another state, and a medical malpractice lawsuit was filed.

Apparently, the man underwent a stress echocardiogram test to assess his cardiac health. According to the lawsuit, the man’s cardiologist looked at the test results and reported back to the man’s primary care physician that his test results were normal. About two years later, however, the man started experiencing troubling cardiac symptoms such as shortness of breath, the lawsuit said.

Allegedly, more medical tests were conducted and it was found that the man’s heart had profound abnormalities. The lawsuit said a doctor went back and looked at the man’s echocardiogram from years earlier and discovered that the test had produced abnormal results. The plaintiffs alleged that the cardiologist misread the man’s initial test results, which led to issues that could have been avoided. A jury sided with the plaintiffs and awarded them $3.36 million.

Every single day, thousands of medical patients place their lives in the hands of doctors and other medical providers. Any mistake made by a health care provider can be deadly for the patient. Kentucky families who have been affected by medical malpractice have options available to ease their pain and suffering. By filing a lawsuit, victims and families could obtain much-needed financial relief.