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Suit alleges nursing home abuse may have led to man's death

Sometimes, those who suffer from certain medical conditions are unable to live independently. Fortunately, the state of Kentucky is home to hundreds of reputable and well-staffed nursing facilities that were designed to care for those who are unable to live alone. These facilities provide everything a person needs such as regular meals, house keeping services and social interaction. However, neglect can and does happen in nursing homes. Nursing home abuse affects thousands of families across the country every year.

Video of nursing home abuse surfaces, prompting a lawsuit

When family members grow older, they sometimes lose their independence and are unable to live alone. Luckily, Kentucky is blessed with wonderful nursing facilities that can provide round-the-clock care for individuals in need. Unfortunately, allegations of nursing home abuse often make headlines across the country these days. Recently, a video surfaced apparently portraying two staff members of a nursing home in another state teasing and taunting an elderly female resident, and the family has taken legal action.

Families affected by nursing home abuse have options

As loved ones enter their golden years, they can lose mobility and independence. Luckily, the state of Kentucky has many long-term care facilities that specialize in providing living assistance for those who are not able to live alone. Many of these nursing homes also offer activities for their residents, which often instills a sense of belonging. Although the vast majority of nursing homes are wonderful facilities that offer exceptional care for loved ones, there are unfortunate instances where residents are subjected nursing home abuse. Neglect of any kind can permanently injure, and even kill, loved ones.

Nursing home abuse allegedly leads to man's death

As loved ones age, they become less independent and may be unable to take care of themselves. Families may not feel comfortable letting elderly loved ones live alone. Luckily, the state of Kentucky is home to wonderful long-term care nursing facilities that care for loved ones who are not able to live alone. These helpful facilities provide safety and a sense of belonging to patients. Unfortunately, the staff at nursing homes do not always have the best interest of the patient in mind, leading to more and more cases of nursing home abuse.

Nursing home abuse can have fatal consequences

Long-term care facilities, more popularly known as nursing homes, were established to provide care for those who are unable to live alone or independently. According to recent statistics, an estimated two million people live in nursing homes in Kentucky and throughout the United States. The vast majority of these facilities take great care of residents and give families peace of mind. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse has become a big concern.

Nursing home abuse happens far too often in the United States

The later years of life are some of the most fragile. As loved ones age, special care is often required and it can become difficult for family members to give elderly loved ones the around-the-clock care they need and deserve. For this reason, family members often choose to place elderly loved ones in nursing facilities. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse has become a big problem in Kentucky and across the country. According to recent statistics, almost five million elders are abused each year.

Family of alleged nursing home abuse victim files lawsuit

Placing a loved one in an elder care facility is always a difficult decision for Kentucky families. However, as age takes it toll, independence can be stripped and self-care can become difficult. Nursing facilities were developed to provide care and safety for those who can no longer care for themselves. Most nursing homes throughout the country are wonderful, long-term care facilities that strive to provide the best possible care. These days, however, nursing home abuse is happening more and more.

Husband dies due to alleged nursing home abuse

Nursing homes or extended care facilities were developed for those who are not able to live by themselves. These facilities provide the daily care that is most vital in the survival and recovery of patients, who are most often the elderly. Deciding to place a loved one in a nursing home can definitely be a difficult decision for Kentucky families. Although nursing homes were put in place to provide nurturing care, nursing home abuse can lead to permanent injuries and even the untimely death of residents.

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