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Truck accidents: Illegal U-turn causes an accident

Tractor-trailers are a convenient way to transport goods and merchandise throughout the country. These commercial vehicles utilize the many interstates and major highways that cross the state of Kentucky. In order to operate one of these massive trucks, drivers must undergo hours of training and obtain special licenses. However, no amount of training or licensing can totally prevent mistakes from happening. Truck accidents injure thousands of people every year across the country.

Truck accidents: Kentucky interstate crash kills 2 people

The economy in the United States is expanding, and with this economic expansion comes a greater need for transporting products and merchandise. Businesses in Kentucky and all over the country rely heavily on large trucks such as tractor-trailers to ship goods on a daily basis. The number of tractor-trailers on roadways across the nation is increasing due to the healthy economy. These massive trucks are forced to share interstates and highways with smaller vehicles. Due to the sheer size of these big rigs, truck accidents involving smaller vehicles are likely to be more damaging and result in fatalities.

Truck accidents often result in serious injuries or death

Interstates and major highways in the United States are constantly teeming with tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles transporting goods across the country. For other motorists utilizing these roadways, driving alongside massive tractor-trailers can be very intimidating. Because these vehicles are so large, any collision with a tractor-trailer is more likely to result in serious injury or death to those in smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, truck accidents have been increasing across Kentucky.

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