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Video of Nursing Home Abuse Surfaces, Prompting a Lawsuit

When family members grow older, they sometimes lose their independence and are unable to live alone. Luckily, Kentucky is blessed with wonderful nursing facilities that can provide round-the-clock care for individuals in need. Unfortunately, allegations of nursing home abuse often make headlines across the country these days. Recently, a video surfaced apparently portraying two staff members of a nursing home in another state teasing and taunting an elderly female resident, and the family has taken legal action.

According to reports, the video showed two staff members shoving a hospital gown toward the woman as she resisted. Apparently, the woman has a fear of hospital gowns, and allegedly, the two staff members repeatedly ridiculed her. The staff members posted the video on social media for their friends to see, according to allegations. The woman’s family was made aware of the video and then notified the nursing facility.

Reports said the two staff members in the video were suspended while an investigation was conducted by the nursing facility. Reportedly, the investigation was inconclusive, and the two employees were allowed to return to work. However, the family also contacted authorities and the two employees were charged with disorderly conduct. The family has also filed a lawsuit against the nursing facility for more than $1 million in damages.

Those in nursing facilities require special care. Any type of neglect or deviation from the accepted standard of care can have very serious consequences for patients. Kentucky families who have been affected by nursing home abuse may want to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney. A successfully litigated claim could result in much-needed financial relief.