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What Parties Might Be Liable in A Trucking Accident?

While many look to drivers in the aftermath of a semi-truck accident, many other parties may be liable if their negligence contributed to the crash. In fact, truck drivers rely on many other people and businesses to maintain the safety of their vehicle. Which companies may be held liable for a trucking accident?

The Trucking Company May Have Failed to Uphold Its Duty.

Semi-trucks experience a great deal of wear due to long hours driving and many miles traveled, and carriers have a legal responsibility to properly maintain the vehicles in their fleet. If a motor carrier does not properly inspect, maintain and repair a big rig, they may be liable for the accidents that result. For example, a company that did not replace a truck’s tires when they became worn might be held responsible for an accident that resulted from the failure of those tires.

Manufacturers May Release a Defective Truck or Faulty Components.

Some accidents are the result of a manufacturer releasing a truck or part with a defective design, fails to properly labeling their products or selling an item assembled incorrectly or made with inferior materials. These faulty products can fail unexpectedly, putting the driver and others on the roadway at risk.

Vendors Providing Services to The Carrier May Have Been Negligent.

Many trucking companies contract with outside companies for their maintenance and installation services. When those companies ignore issues or are negligent in their repairs, they may be held liable for the accidents that negligence causes.

No matter the cause of a trucking accident, injured people and their companies may want to consider their legal options. They can hold people and companies responsible for their negligence and pursue the compensation they need to move forward after a crash.