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Why Is the Dixie Highway so Dangerous for Drivers?

If you live in or near Louisville, you undoubtedly have driven on the Dixie Highway. For decades, area residents have referred to Highway 60 as the “Dixie Dieway” due to the catastrophic accidents that regularly occur on it. Still, it is probably not feasible for you to stay away from the highway forever.

Even though deadly car accidents happen across Kentucky, the Dixie Highway poses a specific threat to drivers for just a few reasons.

A Lack of Medians

While transportation crews have begun the long and costly task of installing medians on the Dixie Highway, vast stretches of it provide no barriers between opposite lanes of traffic. If drivers lose control, they can easily run head-on into approaching vehicles. Head-on collisions, of course, are some of the more devastating types of motor vehicle accidents.

Cross-Traffic Turns

The lack of medians on the Dixie Highway makes it possible for drivers to make cross-traffic turns. When crossing oncoming traffic, though, drivers may not recognize how fast other cars are approaching. Sadly, cross-traffic turns often lead to serious T-bone collisions.

Fast Speed Limits

Even though businesses and even some homes line the Dixie Highway, most parts of the road have fast speed limits. When cars are moving quickly, their drivers have limited opportunities to brake or take evasive action.

While defensive driving may minimize your chances of having a serious car accident on the Dixie Highway, your luck may eventually run out. Ultimately, if you suffer an injury in a crash on the highway, you may be eligible for financial compensation to help you manage your post-accident recovery.