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Faulty Trucks Are A Danger On The Road

Truck defects and malfunctions can start off as seemingly small problems: a loose bolt, a worn tire. But given the massive size of such vehicles (a fully loaded tractor-trailer truck can weigh nearly 80,000 pounds) and the speeds trucks travel on busy highways such as I-65 and the Henry Watterson Expressway, truck defects and malfunctions can often produce significant accidents with serious injuries, including fatalities.

So many different mechanical things can go wrong on a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler. Each part of the truck must be properly designed, built, installed, and maintained in order for the vehicle to be as safe as possible. The failure of a manufacturer to do its part to provide a working vehicle is inexcusable.

Tire defects and brake malfunction are among the most common consequences of manufacturer negligence. But serious injuries to you and other innocent drivers top the list of what can happen when truck manufacturers fail to build a vehicle in a safe, responsible manner.

Truck Defect Accidents Often Result In Serious Injuries

The victims of a car wreck caused by a truck defect or malfunction are likely to suffer severe injuries, extensive vehicle damage, and other problems. An aggressive and experienced truck accident attorney can help to recover financial compensation to address these concerns.

At the Slechter Law Firm, we have worked with many people dealing with the aftermath of a truck defect accident on the Dixie Highway or elsewhere. Based in Louisville and serving clients throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee, our attorneys know how to successfully obtain compensation for those injured in truck accidents. We know what information to look for and how to go about building a rock-solid case on behalf of a client.

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Take action right away if you have injuries from a truck accident. Your injuries could result in high medical costs and lost wages because you cannot return to work as soon as you would like to. Truck accident injury cases – especially ones involving a truck defect or malfunction – can be extremely complicated. That’s why you need a hard-working, knowledgeable Louisville personal injury lawyer who puts people first.

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