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Demanding Accountability For Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and rape are among the worst crimes imaginable; sexual violence causes not only immediate physical injury and pain, but also emotional trauma and psychological pain that can linger for years or permanently. When the perpetrator is arrested and prosecuted, at least we know that the abuser will be prevented from inflicting further harm on the victim or others.

But sometimes justice requires more than a criminal conviction. The personal injury attorneys at the Slechter Law Firm seek complete justice by holding the perpetrator personally responsible for the attack through a civil suit for money damages.

An assault victim should not be forced to endure the medical bills and other costs inflicted on her. Our lawyers fight to see that justice is done and that all responsible parties are made to pay for the harm they imposed or enabled to occur.

We Are Dedicated To Justice For Victims Of Sexual Assault In Hospitals

One of the most tragic instances of sexual assault occurs when the assault takes place on an elderly or infirm person who is completely vulnerable to attack in a hospital or nursing home. We entrust our loved ones to the custody of these facilities, expecting they will receive the medical attention and care they need.

But all too often persons on the premises choose to prey on nursing home residents and take advantage of their vulnerability. When two women were touched inappropriately in a Carrollton hospital, Mat Slechter moved swiftly to file appropriate claims to hold all responsible parties liable for the traumatic injuries endured.

He also filed a grievance with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, to make sure that the appropriate governing body was aware of the situation and would take steps to ensure such an assault does not happen again to other innocent victims.

It is not only the perpetrator of the assault who may be liable in civil court. A facility such as a hospital or nursing home is required to provide a premises that is reasonably safe for patients, residents and others on the property, and hospitals can be liable when their negligent security measures enable an assault.

The institution is also responsible for the employees it hires. Facilities which are negligent in hiring or supervising workers, or which ignore complaints of inappropriate behavior, can be held responsible as an essential component in allowing the attack to occur.

We Pursue Perpetrators Of Sexual Assault For Civil Money Damages

A criminal conviction can be helpful to a civil case, but it is not a necessary factor. In fact, there does not have to be a criminal case at all in order to pursue justice in civil court.

Sometimes law enforcement will choose not prosecute a criminal case, due to the quality of the evidence, limited government resources, or political considerations. Regardless, civil cases are conducted according to a different standard than criminal cases.

Rather than having to prove every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt to a unanimous jury, the plaintiff in a civil sexual assault case needs to prove the defendant liable by a preponderance of the evidence to the satisfaction of a majority of the jury.

Civil sexual assault cases may not be easy to win, but they are not held to as high a standard of proof as criminal cases.

Call Us For Immediate Help If You Experienced A Sexual Assault

If you or a loved one has been victimized by sexual assault in a Kentucky hospital, nursing home or other setting, the attorneys at the Slechter Law Firm will fight to see that all responsible parties are held accountable, and that you receive appropriate compensation for the full range of legal damages, including medical bills, counseling, lost income from missed work, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and punitive damages in appropriate cases.

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