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Dealing With A Complicated Louisville Social Security Disability Case?

Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can often be extremely difficult, especially for people who have never tried to do so before. Many people give up since their initial SSD claim is denied. That’s one of the first mistakes many people make. The vast majority of initial SSD claims are denied (roughly 70 percent).

And even for people who decide to resubmit their claim application, filling the form out exactly right can be a real challenge. That’s why you need someone who thoroughly understands the rules and regulations regarding SSD benefits. You need someone who has experience with helping someone dealing with a long-term injury that prevents him or her from working. You need the Slechter Law Firm.

Contact A Louisville Social Security Disability Lawyer Who Will Fight For Your Rights

Based in Louisville, attorneys Mat A. Slechter and Meredith Kirklin Slechter serve clients throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. The U.S. Social Security Disability Insurance system protects all workers under the age of 65 against loss of earnings due to disability. Social Security disability claims are different from Workers Compensation claims, in that the cause of the worker’s injury is irrelevant in a claim for Social Security disability benefits. The main issue is whether the injury prevents a person from being able to work, regardless of the cause of the injury. If you have been severely injured in a Workers Compensation case, you may be eligible for other benefits under Social Security Disability.

Social Security Disability applications can be complicated. Knowing what to do can be confusing. We can help. You paid into this system just in case you sustained a disability. Now that you or a loved one needs this money to survive, it’s time for the U.S. government to honor its promise and provide funding for their care, food, shelter and other essential services. Take action today.

Contact us today and schedule a free case evaluation. To reach us by phone, please call 502-694-5407. We’re eager to meet with you and discuss the details of your potential case.

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