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June 2019 Archives

Six Kentucky nursing homes named among the nation’s worst

Ask Google, “How does it feel to place your parent in a nursing home?” and you’ll find the words “guilt” and “difficult” all over the screen. If you’ve ever placed a loved one in a nursing home, you likely share this sense of frustration. People often send their aging parents to nursing homes as a last resort, so it’s worrying to hear stories about elder abuse and neglect.

Car accidents involving motorcycles can cause severe injuries

From about mid-June, Kentucky weather prompts motorcycle enthusiasts to take to the open roads after the long winter. Motorcycles offer none of the protective features that automobiles have, and when cars and bikes crash, the bikers are typically the ones who suffer the most severe injuries. Understandably, more coordination and skills are required for the safe operation of motorcycles than those necessary for driving vehicles. Even with  helmets, eye protection and protective clothing, boots and gloves, bikers are often left with severe injuries or worse.

Families affected by nursing home abuse have options

As loved ones enter their golden years, they can lose mobility and independence. Luckily, the state of Kentucky has many long-term care facilities that specialize in providing living assistance for those who are not able to live alone. Many of these nursing homes also offer activities for their residents, which often instills a sense of belonging. Although the vast majority of nursing homes are wonderful facilities that offer exceptional care for loved ones, there are unfortunate instances where residents are subjected nursing home abuse. Neglect of any kind can permanently injure, and even kill, loved ones.

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